The unit concludes with an illustrated summary of the main currents of modern chemistry. (S. Lower, Simon Fraser U.).Our chemistry help websites is always popular having the best experts on the chemistry subject.This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory site allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.A selective, annotated collection of the best Web links for students in General Chemistry courses.All about Electrochemistry - An in-depth, comprehensive treatment (Steve Lower).The electron-tunneling model of chemical bonding How can those electron-dot diagrams showing shared electrons happily sitting between the nuclei be consistent with the principle that opposite charges attract.

MIT Principles of Chemical Science - Fall 2008 - This MIT OpenCourseWare course provides an introduction to the chemistry of biological, inorganic, and organic molecules.

ChemWiki: The Dynamic Chemistry E-Textbook - a collaborative approach toward chemistry education where an Open Access textbook environment is constantly being written and re-written by students and faculty members resulting in a free Chemistry textbook to supplant conventional paper-based books.Introduction to basic atomics, mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations, and nomenclature - (S.K. Lower, SFU) these five lessons offer in-depth treatment of these topics at an introductory level.Assignment Help.: Best chemistry help sites Premium custom writing services.Sources of free molecular modeling software are listed at the MathMol site -.

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Although directed at the high school, these materials can serve as a good review for college chemistry students.I have published these notes to provide chemistry help for high school and.

Chemtutor begins with the fundamentals and gives expert help with the most difficult phases of.Look in the left-hand frame to see what topics are available.The Periodic Table of Videos - This is not just another periodic table, but a huge resource that has expanded to include more than 500 videos, mostly quite short.The outstanding site Macrogalleria covers the structures and properties of polymers in an uncommonly engaging way.Provides an understandable, in-depth explanation with many examples. (S.K. Lower, Chem1 Virtual Textbook ).

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This Nanotechnology Now site has a good overview of nanotubes and Buckyballs and many links.Novice users are able to quickly generate models, view them form any perspective, create reaction animations, and save all data to disk.ChemTutor Excalibur is an awesome chemistry tutorial software package that makes chemistry easier and more fun to learn, and it provides excellent chemistry is the premiere chemistry education website on the internet for college and high school students.

A lively, non-mathematical exposition of the way that entropy and activation energy battle it out in the world as we know it.Feel free to write uni assignment help anything best chemistry help sites like that. 3.From the star student to the struggling sophomore, online help is just a.Virtual Chemistry Experiments - a collection of interative web-based chemistry tutorials.Top 10 Best Online Assignment Or Homework Help Websites For.Principles of General Chemistry - available as a PDF file (147 Mb) or aa a zip file for use offline with a Web browser.Start learning A brief introduction to chemistry Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties, and reactivity of matter.

Types of chemical bonds Dot structures and molecular geometry Hybridization and hybrid orbitals Gases and kinetic molecular theory Properties of gases can be modeled using some relatively simple equations, which we can relate to the behavior of individual gas molecules.Acids, bases, and pH Acid-base equilibria Buffers, titrations, and solubility equilibria We can combine our knowledge of acids and bases, equilibrium, and neutralization reactions to understand buffers and titrations.One site speciallity is the structure and naming of organic compounds.States of matter Introduction to intermolecular forces Mixtures and solutions Chemical equilibrium Many chemical reactions are reversible, and the forward and backward reactions can occur at the same time.Purdue University General Chemistry Topics - Notes and practice problems on a large number of topics.Introduction to the atom Ions and compounds Names and formulas of ionic compounds Mass spectrometry Chemical reactions and stoichiometry We are now going to delve into the heart of chemistry.

ChemBuddy pH Calculation tutorials - an extensive set of online tutorials covering most aspects of acid-base calculations.Explains how the development and evolution of life is consistent with the principle that the entropy of the world never decreases.Chemistry tutorial series on YouTube and other video collections - a summary of the major collections, including the Khan Academy, and those done by various teachers, mostly at the high school level.

Cubic crystal lattices and close packing - the origins of long-range order in solids.Surfactants, builders, flllers, brightening agents to attract consumer dollars.

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It turns out that the only way to turn one element into another element is using nuclear chemistry.The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Evolution, and Probability.WebElements (Sheffield, UK) The elements in this online periodic table are linked to an extensive variety of chemical and physical data as well as background, crystallographic, nuclear, electronic, biological and geological information.