The first Iranian newspapers appeared in the mid-19th century during the reign of Nasir al Din Shah.The National Iranian American Council president co-wrote an article arguing that a small group of people—all of them Jewish—pushed war with Iran and therefore.Double-Digit Inflation Worsens in Iran - NY Times (April 1, 2013).Shimon Peres claims from beyond the grave that he stopped Netanyahu from attacking Iran - Telegraph (September 30, 2016).The Observer view on Britain and the US - The Guardian (July 9, 2016).Iran urged to allow kinnow exports permanently - News International (March 7, 2017).

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Siemens and MAPNA sign Iranian locomotive contract - Railway Gazette (October 4, 2016).British-Iranian aid worker acquitted of death of Indian boy - BBC (March 26, 2017).Jason Rezaian: Iranian, American - The Atlantic (January 20, 2016).Boeing nears landmark deal to sell airliners to Iran - WP (June 14, 2016).Iranian Technology to Rescue Indian Cities from Rising Air Pollution - Sputnik News (June 23, 2016).House passes legislation blocking Boeing sale to Iran Air - The Hill (July 8, 2016).Korean firm exports electronic ID cards to Iran - Korea Herald (July 7, 2016).

America is no longer the obvious answer - The Guardian (May 11, 2016).Iran-Russia Relations Post Nuclear Deal - Forbes (October 5, 2016).Tehran Hosts German Economic Delegation - Financial Tribune (September 18, 2016).Iran invites Turkish firms to invest in its tourism sector - Daily Sabah (May 13, 2016).EU to freeze Iranian bank assets if nuclear enrichment continues - The Guardian (June 10, 2008).

For Iran, Exerting Force While Making Nice Is Part of the Plan - NY Times (October 25, 2016).CPJ joins call to renew mandate of Iran human rights rapporteur - CPJ (March 16, 2017).Iran Courting UK Investment Banks to Attract Foreign Investment - Financial Tribune (May 1, 2017).EU urged to clarify if states are funding mass executions in Iran - The Independent (December 4, 2016).The Growing U.S.-Iran Proxy Fight in Syria - The Atlantic (June 20, 2017).Iranian-Canadian engineers changing Canada through innovation - CBC (March 21, 2017).

My Divorce, My Father, My Mistake - NY Times (October 14, 2016).The day my friend Hamid Kehazaei died - The Guardian (November 27, 2016).Global carmakers prepare to return to Iran - RT (July 16, 2015).

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Leonardo DiCaprio may play Persian poet Rumi in upcoming biopic.Zarif: What critics get wrong about Iran and the nuclear agreement - WP (April 20, 2016).Trade Costs Declining After Sanctions Relief - Financial Tribune (February 9, 2017).

Iran nuclear deal must be allowed to thrive - The Guardian (June 26, 2017).Tehran Property Deals Dip as Prices Rise - Financial Tribune (October 29, 2016).As President Trump Signals A Tough Stance On Iran, Dubai Says It Will Open The Door Wider - Forbes (February 6, 2017).Physicist imprisoned in Iran is granted medical furlough after surgery - Physics Today (May 25, 2016).French automaker starts joint venture to build Citroen cars in Iran - DW (July 21, 2016).Denmark confiscates cash from asylum seekers - DW (June 30, 2016).Social media users welcome sanctions news - BBC (January 17, 2016).

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In Iran, Shock and Bewilderment Over Trump Visa Crackdown - NY Times (January 27, 2017).Iranian Private Lenders to Adopt Corporate Governance Principles - Financial Tribune (May 16, 2017).IMF says sanctions on Iran dampening economic sentiment - France24 (February 27, 2017).Trump draws red line with Iran - San Francisco Chronicle (February 12, 2017).Directory of online newspapers in Iran, the most extensive list of Iranian newspapers available in one place.Boeing Moves Ahead on Delivering First Jets to Iran Next Year - Bloomberg (May 1, 2017).

British woman jailed in Iran released from solitary confinement - The Guardian (January 2, 2017).Support for Iran as FATF Decision on the Horizon - Financial Tribune (June 24, 2017).

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CBI Assures SMEs of Funding - Financial Tribune (October 22, 2016).

IBM Has Blocked SoftLayer Cloud Users In Iran - Techweek (February 11, 2016).Renault to Set Up Factory in Iran - Financial Tribune (November 22, 2016).Iran: paralyzed by environmental neglect - DW (March 6, 2017).Jewish-Iranian refugee who fled the Middle East for the U.S. is now running for Congress - Desert News (June 28, 2016).Iran goalkeeper Sosha Makani banned for wearing SpongeBob SquarePants trousers - BBC (June 8, 2016).Trump administration should not ignore lessons from Iran-Iraq War - The Hill (July 3, 2017).

Reconsidering the last shah of Iran - Toronto Star (September 5, 2016).Iran economic minister: Sanctions not hurting us - CNN (May 21, 2012).No Surprise in Another Hard-Liner Victory in Iran - CFR (May 25, 2016).

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From captivity to classroom - Harvard Gazette (September 12, 2016).

About Persian: The Persian langauge is a southwestern Iranian language.How Iran Is Transforming Its Aviation Industry With Multi-Billion Dollar Orders For Hundreds Of Jets - Forbes (June 28, 2017).Iran, South Korea to sign deal on cooperation between capital markets - Trend (July 30, 2013).

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Renault Koleos Priced at 2b Rials - Financial Tribune (December 8, 2016).Iranian Banks Speed Up Bad Loan Recovery - Financial Tribune (April 12, 2017).NZ meat to return to Iran under new agreement - Radio New Zealand (March 3, 2017).NZ exports to Iran held back as banks fear hefty penalties - Scoop (September 14, 2016).Swedish-Iranian Oscar hopeful hit by Trump Muslim ban - The Local (January 29, 2017).Iranian filmmaker jailed for a year over graffiti documentary - DW (November 24, 2016).The Trump administration is working to free American hostages in Iran - WP (June 20, 2017).Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran - The Guardian (February 3, 2017).